Manage unlimited customers
Record all the details you might need, including payments, discounts, invoice history, activities, and contact info (nationality, age, sex...). Generate report and statistics with our Customer Relationship Management.
Customers can also register to access your ecommerce without any action from your side.
Manage unlimited business
Organise your business by structuring it into different entities such as dive center, resort, boutique (restaurant, bar, equipment selling...). Each of them will inherited the default configuration like employees, boats, activities, treasuries, services (watersports rental , massage, etc.)...It can be overwrite.
Manage your email
Manage your client and agency relationships directly from the system. We offer you a free webmail to control the public request. Any request from customers arrive straight to your mailbox and you get a notification on the admin panel. You get also notified when a client submit a payment from your ecommerce.
Generate commissions
You can obtain easily the sales commission of your agencies and as well the wages of your employees. Each booking have a sales commission (agency or employee) and a sales commission guide (for diving activities only).
The commission guide can either have a fixed amount (of your default currency) or a customised percentage of the booking price (based on the created template). The sales commission is based on the percentage of the booking price (set for each agency or employee).
Manage unlimited products
Connectual allow you to create different kind of products up to your business : Dive center (activities, boats), resort (rooms), boutique (items). All sites inherited the default configuration or overwrite it.
You can personalise your activities with template which allow you to assign more than one employee to each activity and create the expected operation according to the diving school requirements (PADI, SSI, CMAS...) or your liveaboard schedule.
Manage unlimited treasuries
Each entity from your business will inherited the treasuries you defined in the default configuration or overwrite it and get his own tresuries. A treasury is defined everytime you create a new currency (for cash payment method) or a new method payment.
There is 2 required payment methods in the system (cash and online) and 1 required currency (your main currency). You can then create all currencies wanted for the cash method and as much as wanted other payment methods (card, paypal, bank transfer...).



The project started in 2013, initialy called divemanager, it changed to connectual in 2019 and become a registered company in Malaysia in 2020. The system was developed specifically to be used by the dive industry. You can manage, control and analyze your business by structuring it into different entities (sites) and organize each of them into different access. Each site will inherited a default configuration or overwrite it to get his own. A site can be created as 'dive center', 'resort' or 'boutique(store, restaurant, bar...)'. You can easily setup the system for liveaboard cruises as well.



Already use connectual

December 13, 2019
We are only using the CMS part of connectual to promote our activities in Malaysia. It is user friendly and easy to use, no IT skills are required to handle the system. Thanks a lot !

January 24, 2019
Forra Dive Resort on Koh Lipe, Thailand, is using Divemanager.org for its accounting and activity assessment. We use it for our diving activity and our resort's system of booking and payment. I highly recommend divemanager system for all the scuba diving and resort's professionnals...

April 18, 2018
We are using divemanager since 2017 and are very satisfied with it. It makes easy to control your business from your phone anywhere at any time.

May 24, 2016
We are working with the program dive manager and we are very happy with it. It makes the bookings etc more effective and most important I can see at any moment what is going on from my phone. Thanks Ben.

May 16, 2016
Ben, has been working at Scubaquatic as a dive instructor and cooperates with us to established the Divemanager, application that has been very useful for the organization of the whole dive operation. He has demonstrated to be a profesional that knows very well his programming skils and I recommend it to any dive center.

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